Changpeng Zhao: „We are seeing numbers never before seen in terms of platform traffic“

In the middle of a bullish day like the one experienced this Monday, August 17, where Bitcoin Loophole surpassed the $12,000 barrier and reached 12,470, Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO, commented via Twitter that the exchange was having a traffic never seen before, even higher than the one they saw in December 2017, the month and year that Bitcoin marked a historical peak in its prices.

CZ, as it is also known in the crypto community, added at the end that „it will be interesting to see what happens next,“ although, it is not clear if this is a reference to the price of cryptoactives within the market or is a comment that refers to the growth that the exchange has shown over the years.

Platform failures

This new „record“ within Binance was not without its problems. CZ himself had mentioned a few hours also through his personal Twitter that the increase in traffic had generated that the portal reached its limit and reported some errors among users. Changpeng mentioned that the errors were solved in a matter of minutes.

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The Binance Futures platform, one of the most used tools within the Binance universe, even went down for a few minutes. Several traders reported that when they tried to enter the site, they encountered the typical „404 Not Found“ error.

All this happened while settling several contracts in „Short“ that were located in the range of 12,000 dollars. As we noted earlier in Cointelegraph, analysts commented that this could be a „clear false move to take liquidity“.